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How to find the right investor for your business?

Different ways

There is a myriad of ways to get VC funding for a start-up, including but not limited to asking friends and family, joining online fundraising platforms, attending networking events, and through various online platforms such as AngelList and LinkedIn.

VC & Angels list

Another effective way of finding an investor is to use an investors database that contains the names, professional emails and business phone numbers of investors around the world, such as our database, which has the contact details of over 65,000+ VC, Private Equity Firms, Angels and Family Offices worldwide.

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Alamini B.

CEO, Supermarkets chain, Kenya

I was delighted to find this database has so many contact details in it. I made a full outreach process with all the emails and asked my project manager keep replying these emails for me!

We got some great replies from them, after 2 months of chatting we had meetings in my country. Well, we found an investor for our chain of supermarkets. So, this way you can do it quickly!

Julia V.

CEO, SAAS startup (fintech), USA

I was on a mission to find investors contacts, just so I could start contacting them and see what they thought of our pitchdeck. The emails in the database are really active – I had dozens of replies waiting for me when I got back to my laptop few days after! It’s definitely worth it!

Sally C.

BD, Biotech company, Brazil

I discovered that there weren’t as many investors in Brazil when I was researching, but after doing more research and finding 450+ companies through this database it looks like the market is much bigger than we originally anticipated. The replies are really amazing honestly saying! The best thing I ever bought for my business! I’ve been trying to get investors and meetings with people now so it’s happening!

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