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These tips will help you execute a plan, raise capital and find investors

The most extended guide on how to fund your startup

Guide #1

20 Common Business Funding Questions and Answers

How do investors get paid back? How do I talk to an investor? What investors look for before investing? And more...

20 questions that entrepreneurs ask

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Guide #2

How to contact investors from the database

You have finally arrived at the perfect pitch deck. So, how to contact investors?

How to approach an investor

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Guide #3

Startup funds and events

The most important funds for startups.

Startup funds to check

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Guide #4

5 Investor Email Templates

The most important funds for startups.

5 Investor Email Templates to Pitch Your Startup

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Guide #5

Investor lists

Explore our comprehensive collection of investor lists.

Investor lists

Valuable connections for the growth of your business

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