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How to get investors in Australia?

If you’re thinking about starting or expanding your business in Australia, then this list of the top venture capital funds in Australia is for YOU.

Top Venture Capital firms in Australia
Company State Website LinkedIn Key people Description
Artesian VC Sydney, New South Wales, Australia artesianinvest.com LinkedIn Full stack VC firm offering end-to-end venture capital platform for startups at seed, angel & growth stages with offices across Australia and China.
Blackbird Ventures Sydney, New South Wales, Australia blackbird.vc LinkedIn Blackbird Ventures is a new venture company that invests in global internet businesses. They were founded by Australians.
AirTree Ventures Paddington, Western Australia, Australia airtree.vc LinkedIn The teams at AirTree Ventures have a combined experience in the finance, tech and entertainment industries. They're always on hand to offer their expertise when it comes to new investment opportunities or potential mergers & acquisitions for Australian businesses!
BlueChilli Sydney, New South Wales, Australia bluechilli.com LinkedIn BlueChilli is a technology company that helps entrepreneurs solve society's greatest challenges. They provide support for their customers' tech dreams and the people who make them happen, from business development consultants to venture capital firms!
Carthona Capital Sydney, New South Wales, Australia carthonacapital.com LinkedIn Carthona Capital is a high-performing, hands on venture capital investor that invests globally.
GBS Ventures Melbourne, Victoria, Australia gbsventures.com.au LinkedIn GBS Venture Partners is a leading life science venture capital firm that backs innovative companies at every stage, from early-stage start ups to middle market growth.
Investible Sydney, New South Wales, Australia investible.com LinkedIn Creel Price, Ian Macdonald, Reena Sharma, Rod Bristow Investible is a leading early-stage investor providing high quality business ideas with the intellectual and financial capital they need to scale
Right Click Capital Sydney, New South Wales, Australia rightclickcapital.com LinkedIn Benjamin Chong, Garry Visontay Right Click Capital is an investment firm that specialises in identifying, investing and supporting technology businesses across Australia. The partners have all founded multiple successful companies - one of which being RightClick themselves! They're also a member to the Draper Venture Network alliance with over USD2 billion combined assets under management for 24 other venture capital firms around globe.
CyRise Melbourne, Victoria, Australia cyrise.co LinkedIn Brad Busch, Louise Schuster, Samm Macleod, Dan Maslin CyRise is a passionate advocate for cyber security startups who are looking to grow their businesses and gain traction in the Asia Pacific.
Thorney Investment Melbourne, Victoria, Australia thorneyopportunities.com.au Facebook Alex Waislitz, Peter Landos, Craig Smith, Avee Waislitz Thorney Investment is a premier investment firm that specializes in the emerging world of manufacturing, technology and mining services.

Want to find the best Australian venture capital funds?

We’ve got you covered. Our list includes their names, email addresses and phone numbers so that all it takes is one quick email or phone call in order get started!

Australia’s top investors reveal how they navigated the pandemic

As Australia’s top investors faced one of most challenging periods in financial markets, they were able to navigate the pandemic with help from their colleagues. In February last year Raphael Arndt pulled six people into a special working group that he heads up-the Future Fund’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO). The CIO is tasked with looking after some $150 billion worth Australian assets which includes investments for pensions funds and large companies as well as foreign currency reserves like gold bars stored under lock & key at Fort Knox!

Arndt says the fund needed an innovation in order to prepare for volatile markets during a pandemic.


“It looked way too pessimistic,” he remembers thinking at one point when reading about how other funds were handling themselves before him, but as it turned out there were several things that could have been done differently which would’ve helped them get through those tough weeks with less impact on their returns and position.

“We definitely innovated our investment committee four-fold after this event.” Four members of staff now sit on what used (and still) meet every day – instead from meeting only once per fortnight online chaired by Chief Executive Officer Arndt who was elevated last July following Australia’s role.

The Future Fund is a savvy investor that took advantage of sputtering liquidity in the US treasury market and bought into cyclical stocks as valuations caved. It pinned its hopes on economic growth being spurred by fiscal spending when all was said done, betting correctly this would be an opportunity not only for them but also other investors who have been holding back from investing due to fear or uncertainty about how long such trends will last
The fund has pledged not-to chase short term moves which may have prevented some big gains during tech’s good run earlier this decade; however it ended 2020 with 1.7% return.

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