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Bitcoin and other digital currencies are becoming more mainstream.

In this list we will explore top investors in cryptocurrency with contact details.

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Top crypto Venture Capital funds in the USA
Company Contacts Website LinkedIn About company
coventure.vc LinkedIn CoVenture is an innovative asset management platform that has been designed to help both investors and entrepreneurs by providing them with access into the venture capital market, credit facilities & cryptocurrency investments.
North Island Ventures
northisland.ventures LinkedIn North Island Ventures is a crypto-focused venture capital firm based in New York City that's looking to invest $25-$500k into projects they believe will revolutionize the cryptocurrency space.
Yeoman's Capital
yeomans.capital LinkedIn Yeoman's Capital has been one of the most active early-stage investors in blockchain.
plutus21.com LinkedIn Plutus21 is a unique investment firm that has made it their mission to find and fund the next big thing in alternative assets. They're constantly on lookout for crypto enthusiasts, techies with an eye towards real estate.
Trammell Venture Partners
tvp.fund LinkedIn Trammell Venture Partners are dedicated to funding early-stage companies that focus on machine intelligence, blockchain technology and cybersecurity.
Amino Capital
aminocapital.com LinkedIn Amino Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in data-driven startups and blockchain powered next generation protocols.
polychain.capital LinkedIn PolyChain Capital invests funds into protocol-level development of decentralized systems. They're on a mission to make blockchain technology work for everyone, no matter if you are an individual or company-sized entity.
Distributed Global
distributedglobal.com LinkedIn With a focus on digital and blockchain-based assets, Distributed Global is an asset management company that provides exclusive services to their clients.
Digital Finance Group
dfg.group LinkedIn This group of innovative, progressive investors has a diversified portfolio that includes $1 billion worth in digital and blockchain assets across multiple funds. They are also home to an incubator for new projects with global ambitions - it's clear they have no fear about what comes next!
Electric Capital
electriccapital.com LinkedIn We invest in innovative young entrepreneurs whose work has the potential to shape our digital lives for generations.
Draper Goren Holm
drapergorenholm.com LinkedIn The Draper Goren Holm team is focused on incubating and accelerating early-stage blockchain startups.
Parafi Capital
parafi.capital LinkedIn Parafi Capital is a new, alternative investment firm that has set its sights on the fintech and blockchain ecosystems.
Ausum Ventures
ausum.vc LinkedIn The world's first venture fund focused on blockchain technology and social impact, with an investment focus equally divided between early-stage startups (think: seed funding) as well crypto assets.
gumi Cryptos Capital
gumi-cryptos.com LinkedIn Gumi Cryptos Capital is a venture fund that invests in blockchain and cryptographic asset technologies. They invest for the long term, ensuring that investors have access to high quality investments with an unparalleled risk profile.
AlphaCoin Fund
alphacoinfund.com LinkedIn AlphaCoin Fund is making waves in the crypto world with its innovative investment strategies.

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We gathered a list of top crypto investors so you could start your researching and contacting them right now! The list includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and social media links.

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Here is a complete list of some top crypto investors so you can start your researching and contacting them right now! The full list includes thousands of names, email addresses, phone numbers, social media links and more. This is an exclusive group who are interested in investing their money into cryptocurrencies and blockchain; we’ve got all sorts information about these people in our list. All this data will help make better connections when it comes time for reaching out as well by providing necessary resources like contact info & more.

Expert opinion on crypto high-profile companies with IPO in 2021

In 2021, it’s predicted that cryptocurrency will be a billion dollar industry. However this time around there is more than just cash being thrown around – companies are purchasing coins from investors in bulk amounts and using them as currency themselves!

With the market in hot trend, investors are watching two of today’s hottest markets. SPACs and cryptocurrency has seen an increase with Coinbase’s IPO making them a popular company to invest into while there have been many more IPOs for this year alone compared to 2020 when 248 were announced at only half way point until 2021 so far shows 300+ new listings on track which could lead towards big things!

The future of cryptocurrency is looking bright and the public markets are catching on quickly. Recently, many high-profile companies have or plan to go through an IPO via SPACs this year including eToro, Bakkt (their name stands for Satoshi Trust)and Composecure . It’s a desirable approach because they’re typically faster than waiting six months like Coinbase did with their own prolonged process last time around; simpler too since most trading platforms don’t require as much due diligence before listing – things such as audited financial statements can be released at any point without warning investors who will need access immediately upon filing suit against them should anything happen along those lines again!
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