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Biotech Investors List 2022

Here is a list of the most active biotech and pharma life science investors

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Top Biotech Venture Capital Firms Worldwide
Company Country Website LinkedIn Description
Venrock United States venrock.com LinkedIn Venrock is a well-established venture capital firm that invests in the technology and healthcare industries. They have been around since 1978, when it was founded by vessels Walter Knobeloch and Herbert Simon. Venrock is the investing arm of one of America's most prestigious universities, Harvard.
Canaan Partners United States canaan.com LinkedIn The people at Canaan believe that every great idea is worth supporting, and they're willing to give them all the time in world for their vision. A group of dedicated early-stage investors with an eye towards helping visionary entrepreneurs make lasting impacts on society has been around since practically forever now.
Polaris Partners United States polarispartners.com LinkedIn Polaris Partners invests in the most promising companies, from early-stage startups to established institutions that are looking for growth.
Atlas Venture United States atlasventure.com LinkedIn With a focus on early stage investing, Atlas Venture is committed to building successful companies that will generate millions in revenue for years down the line. They do so by creating and investing directly into promising new biotech startups with seed or later-stage funding needs; this includes both U S based applicants as well those outside America.
Alchemist Accelerator United States alchemistaccelerator.com LinkedIn The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating startups whose revenue comes from enterprises.
National Institutes of Health United States nih.gov LinkedIn National Institutes of Health is a biomedical research facility in the United States that focuses on biomedical and health-related research.
InterWest Partners United States interwest.com LinkedIn InterWest invests an average of about $7 - 15 million over the span of their involvement with each company in their portfolio.
National Science Foundation United States nsf.gov LinkedIn America’s Seed Fund at the National Science Foundation awards nearly $200 million annually to startups and small businesses.
ARCH Venture Partners United States archventure.com LinkedIn ARCH is an early-stage venture firm focused on life science discoveries to prevent, detect and cure disease.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Japan mucap.co.jp LinkedIn Mitsubishi UFJ Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on life science, ICT and high technology investments.
StartUp Health United States startuphealth.com LinkedIn StartUp Health is investing in a global army of Health Transformers to achieve health moonshots.
Mizuho Capital Japan mizuho-vc.co.jp No info Mizuho Capital is a Japanese venture capital firm focused on information technology and biotechnology investments.
SoftBank Capital Japan softbank.com No info SoftBank Capital is a multi-stage venture capital fund that partners with entrepreneurs building disruptive enduring businesses.
Domain Associates United States domainvc.com LinkedIn Domain Associates is a venture capital firm with an exclusive focus on life sciences.
StartX (Stanford-StartX Fund) United States startx.com No info StartX is an educational non-profit that helps Stanford's top entrepreneurs.
IndieBio United States indiebio.co LinkedIn IndieBio is the largest biotech startup accelerator.
F-Prime Capital United States fprimecapital.com LinkedIn F-Prime Capital is a global venture capital firm investing in healthcare and technology.
Sofinnova Investments United States sofinnova.com LinkedIn Sofinnova Investments specializes in seed, startup, mid, early stage, series A, first venture round, and corporate spinouts.
MPM Capital United States mpmcapital.com LinkedIn MPM Capital caters to the healthcare sector with seed, early, and later stage ventures, and private equity investments.
Connecticut Innovations United States ctinnovations.com LinkedIn Connecticut Innovations provides strategic capital and operational insight to to companies in high-tech industries
SV Health Investors United States svhealthinvestors.com LinkedIn SV Health Investors is a Boston-based venture capital firm focused on investments in biotechnology and healthcare industry.
Flagship Pioneering United States flagshippioneering.com LinkedIn Flagship Pioneering conceives, creates, resources, and grows first-in-category ventures to transform human health and sustainability.
Rev1 Ventures United States rev1ventures.com LinkedIn Rev1 Ventures is an investor startup studio that combines capital and strategic services to help startups scale and corporates innovate.
BioAdvance United States bioadvance.com LinkedIn BioAdvance provides funding to life sciences startups and is a Pennsylvania-based venture capital firm.
Alloy Ventures United States alloyventures.com LinkedIn Alloy Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in the areas of life sciences, information technology, and cleantech.
Avalon Ventures United States avalon-ventures.com LinkedIn Avalon Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund focused on information technology and life sciences.
Novo Holdings Denmark novoholdings.dk LinkedIn Novo A/S is the holding company of the Novo Group, wholly-owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.
OUP (Osage University Partners) United States osageuniversitypartners.com LinkedIn OUP is a venture capital fund investing in start-ups that commercialize university research.
Morningside Group China morningside.com No info Morningside Group is a private investment group founded in 1986 by the Chan family of Hong Kong.
Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation United States jjdevcorp.com No info Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, a venture capital subsidiary, finances technology companies focused on patient health.
ATDC United States atdc.org LinkedIn ATDC helps entrepreneurs launch and build transformative technology companies.
Abingworth United Kingdom abingworth.com LinkedIn Abingworth is an international investment group dedicated to collaborating with life sciences entrepreneurs.
HBM Healthcare Investments AG Switzerland hbmhealthcare.com No info HBM Healthcare Investments finances companies related to human medicine, biotechnology, medical technology, and diagnostics sectors.
RebelBio United Kingdom rebelbio.co LinkedIn RebelBio is SOSVвАЩs London based pre-seed venture capital program. It invests in BioTech, HealthTech & Life Sciences.
Inveready Spain inveready.com LinkedIn Inveready is a leading asset manager in Spain investing in early-stage technology-based companies.
Life Sciences Partners The Netherlands lspvc.com LinkedIn LSP (Life Sciences Partners) is a leading independent European investment firm, providing financing to private and public life-science
Oxford Bioscience Partners United States oxbio.com No info Oxford Bioscience Partners (OBP), established in 1992, is a venture capital firm that provides equity financing and management assistance
Maine Angels United States maineangels.org No info Maine Angels improves regional economic development by providing a cooperative mechanism for qualified investors.
Third Rock Ventures United States thirdrockventures.com LinkedIn Third Rock Ventures invests in transformational life science companies that show high growth potential
AlphaLab United States alphalab.org No info AlphaLab is a nationally ranked software accelerator helping early-stage tech companies quickly figure out the best way to build and grow.
Wellcome Trust United Kingdom wellcome.ac.uk LinkedIn The Wellcome Trust is a British biomedical research charity.
Bay City Capital United States baycitycapital.com LinkedIn Bay City Capital LLC (Bay City Capital), established in 1997 , specializes in investments in the life sciences industry.
HLM Venture Partners United States hlmvp.com LinkedIn HLM Venture Partners is a proven, successful venture capital health care investor. Over 60 privately held health care companies have
Aisling Capital United States aislingcapital.com LinkedIn Aisling Capital believes the next decade will be marked by a revolution in healthcare driven by new therapeutics generated by
Wisconsin Investment Partners United States wisinvpartners.com LinkedIn Wisconsin Investment Partners is an Angel Investment Group in Madison, Wisconsin founded in 2000 with 20 members.
Roche Venture Fund Switzerland roche.com No info The Roche Venture Fund is the name given to the corporate venture fund of the healthcare company Roche.
Boston Millennia Partners United States bostonmillenniapartners.com LinkedIn Boston Millennia Partners provides private equity financing to high growth companies in the healthcare and business services industries.
Deerfield United States deerfield.com LinkedIn Deerfield is an investment management firm, committed to advancing healthcare through investment, information and philanthropy.
RUSNANO United States en.rusnano.com LinkedIn Rusnano is a joint-stock company aimed at commercializing developments in the nanotechnology industry.
Lilly Asia Ventures China lillyasiaventures.com LinkedIn Lilly Asian Ventures makes venture capital investments in Asia for Eli Lilly and Company, a global innovation-driven pharmaceutical

Looking for top biotech VC funds and investors?

We have compiled a list of top biotech investors so you can start researching and contacting them right now! Are you running a startup in biotechnology, pharma? Launching medical or agricultural application?

2022 Challenges and Opportunities for Biotech Companies

In 2021, the biotech sector experienced a selloff that led to a number of challenges for companies in the industry.

However, with strong comeback predicted in 2022, small- and mid-cap biotechs are expected to be backed by deep-pocketed life science investors. Here we explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for biotech companies in 2022.

The impact of the SARS-CoV2 variants and a pandemic moving to an endemic stage is likely going have significant impacts on vaccine development, as well as data driven repurposing. Biotech companies will play major roles in both areas with their cutting edge technologies for creating new vaccines or drugs that can fight viruses like this one more effectively than ever before!

The future is going to be filled with progress in the field of cell therapies, especially those derived from donated or induced pluripotent stem cells. We’ll also see an increasing number startups that utilize synthetic biology and protein design tools for food security; water resources management (including energy production); climate change prevention initiatives – all coming out because they’re needed just like never before!

It’s no surprise that CAR T cells and their associated receptors would be at the forefront of innovation in 2022.

In addition to being home base when creating new therapies from scratch (something which will likely continue), there is also proximity between developing products such as drugs derived solely through genetic engineering techniques – something we’re really seeing pop up lately due largely by virtue alone.

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