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1Alpha JWC Ventures logoAlpha JWC Venturesalphajwc.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaIndonesia-focused value-adding venture capital firm with deep expertise in FinTech and Consumer tech sectorLinkedIn
2SMDV logoSMDVlinkedin.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaSMDV is a venture capital firm based in Jakarta that finances and mentors tech companies.LinkedIn
3Venturra Capital logoVenturra Capitalventurra.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaVenturra is an Southeast asian focused venture capital firm investing in early stage consumer technology-enabled internet businesses.FacebookInstagramLinkedIn
4GDP Venture logoGDP Venturegdpventure.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaGDP Venture is a venture builder for digital communities, media, commerce, and solution companies in the consumer internet industry.LinkedIn
5Indogen Capital logoIndogen Capitalindogencapital.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaVenture Capital For Southeast Asia, FoundersвАЩ Best Partner In Indonesia.FacebookInstagramLinkedIn
6Ideosource logoIdeosourceideosource.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaIdeosource is a venture capital firm dedicated on making investment in early-stage to later-stageFacebookLinkedInTwitter
7Sinarmas logoSinarmassinarmas.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaSinarmas is a company that prides itself on giving quality services and excellent products to customers in several fields.LinkedIn
8AC Ventures logoAC Venturesacv.vcinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaAC Ventures is an early-stage technology venture fund that focuses on investing in IndonesiaвАЩs digital disruptors.LinkedIn
9UMG IdeaLab logoUMG IdeaLabumgidealab.idinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaUMG Idea Lab Indonesia is a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm.InstagramLinkedIn
10Oxdream Group logoOxdream Groupoxdream.co.idinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaOxdream is a group of companies and investment firm that invests new companies with proven business models.LinkedIn
11Mahanusa Capitalinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaProvides investment banking, securities brokerage,
12Sinar Mas Land logoSinar Mas Landsinarmasland.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaSinar Mas Land is a property development company involved in commercial property development and leasing.FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
13Grupara Ventures logoGrupara Venturesgruparainc.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaConnecting Indonesia with The WorldFacebookLinkedInTwitter
14Merah Putih logoMerah Putihmerahputih.co.idinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaMerah Putih provides mentorship, infrastructures, seed funds, and support services to tech and digital startups.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
15Init 6 logoInit 6init-6.fundinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaInit 6 is an early-stage startup fund that looks for technical founders with a passion for solving big problems.
16Teja Ventures logoTeja Venturestejaventures.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaTeja Ventures is a venture capital firm.LinkedIn
17First Media logoFirst Mediafirstmedia.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaFirst Media is a multimedia company that brings the concept 3Triple Play.
18InvestIdea Ventures logoInvestIdea Venturesinvestidea.venturesinvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaInvestIdea Ventures provides capital for product development through technology, and mentorship to its investees.LinkedIn
19Venturra Discovery logoVenturra Discoveryventurra.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaVenturra Discovery is the seed investment arm of Venturra, a Southeast Asia focused VC firm investing in early stage high-growth businesses.FacebookInstagramLinkedIn
20Brama One Ventures logoBrama One Venturesbrama-one.cominvestors in IndonesiaIndonesiaBrama One Ventures (BOV) is a family office investing across a variety of industries from Seed Stage and beyond.

Venture Capital in Indonesia

Venture capital in Indonesia is on the rise. As the economy grows, more and more venture capital firms are popping up to invest in new and innovative businesses. From seed funding to growth capital, the venture capital industry in Indonesia is booming.

The venture capital industry in Indonesia is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. With the right investors, businesses can get the money they need to grow and succeed. Venture capital firms in Indonesia offer a wide range of services, including mentorship, strategic advice, and access to networks of potential customers and partners.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise capital, there are a number of top venture capital firms in Indonesia that can help. From early-stage to growth-stage investments, these firms can provide the resources you need to take your business to the next level.

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Types of Venture Capital in Indonesia

There are several types of venture capital available in Indonesia. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture capital, providing early-stage companies with the capital they need to get their business off the ground. Growth capital is the next stage of venture capital, providing more established companies with the resources they need to expand their operations.

Venture capital firms in Indonesia also provide a range of other services, including mentorship, strategic advice, and access to networks of potential customers and partners. These services can be invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses.

If you’re looking for venture capital in Indonesia, there are a number of top venture capital firms to choose from. These firms can provide the resources you need to take your business to the next level.