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1Orienta Partners logoOrienta Partnersorientapartners.itinvestors in ItalyItalyOrienta Partners specializes in investments in private equity for businesses.LinkedIn
2P101 logoP101p101.itinvestors in ItalyItalyP101 is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in the digital sector.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
3Innogest Capital logoInnogest Capitalinnogestcapital.cominvestors in ItalyItalyInnogest Capital is an italian investors with global expertise that focuses on seed and early stage ventures.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
4Principia SGR logoPrincipia SGRprincipiasgr.itinvestors in ItalyItalyPrincipia is an Italian Venture Capital firm with over Eur 80M under management. Actually Principia has two funds investing in digitalLinkedIn
5Boost Heroes logoBoost Heroesboostheroes.cominvestors in ItalyItalyBoost Heroes is an Italy-based holding company focusing on seed and early stage investments.LinkedIn
6Pi Campus logoPi Campuspicampus.itinvestors in ItalyItalyPi Campus is an early stage venture fund, it provides startups with money, mentorship, and the best work environment for growth. LinkedIn
7U-Start logoU-Startu-start.bizinvestors in ItalyItalyU-Start is a professional advisory firm structuring deals with private investors, investing in tech companies across Europe, Israel and US.FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
8United Ventures logoUnited Venturesunitedventures.cominvestors in ItalyItalyUnited Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that support ambitious Tech FoundersLinkedInTwitter
9Invitalia Ventures logoInvitalia Venturesinvitaliaventures.itinvestors in ItalyItalyInvitalia Ventures provides hard-tech startups and SMEs with early stage venture investments and is based in Rome, Italy.LinkedIn
10Indaco Venture Partners logoIndaco Venture Partnersindacosgr.cominvestors in ItalyItalyIndaco Venture Partners is an asset management company that invests in the technology, electronics, medtech, and materials sectors.FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
113LB Seed Capital Srl logo3LB Seed Capital Srl3lbseed.cominvestors in ItalyItaly3LB Seed Capital is a private investment firm dedicated to seed investments in innovative companies and ideas in Italy and the EU.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
12Green Arrow Capital logoGreen Arrow Capitalgreenarrow-capital.cominvestors in ItalyItalyGreen Arrow Capital is an independent financial group specialized in alternative investments across Europe.LinkedIn
13Embed Capital logoEmbed Capitalembedcapital.itinvestors in ItalyItalyEmbed Capital assists entrepreneurs during the key initial development phases of their startup.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
14Opes Impact Fund logoOpes Impact Fundopesfund.euinvestors in ItalyItalyOpes Impact Fund, an Italy-based venture capital fund, supports the development of enterprises that aim to make a positive social impact.
15Panakes Partners logoPanakes Partnerspanakes.itinvestors in ItalyItalyPanakes Partners is a Venture Capital investor that finances medical companies.LinkedInTwitter
16Milano Investment Partners logoMilano Investment Partnersmilanoinvestment.cominvestors in ItalyItalyMIP is a Venture Growth firm focusing on European lifestyle-tech businessesLinkedIn
17A.M.E. Ventures logoA.M.E. Venturesameventures.itinvestors in ItalyItalyA.M.E. Ventures is an investment holding focusing on growth companies. The principals of A.M.E. Ventures have a strong track record in
18Key Capital logoKey Capitalkeycapital.itinvestors in ItalyItalyKey Capital is a financial advisory firm providing legal assistance and financial advice to corporate finance companies.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
19Como Venture logoComo Venturecomoventure.itinvestors in ItalyItalyComo Venture is a venture capital firm specialized in seed and early stage investments.
20CDP Venture Capital logoCDP Venture Capitalcdpventurecapital.itinvestors in ItalyItalyCDP Venture Capital is a venture capital firm
21Ad4Ventures logoAd4Venturesad4ventures.cominvestors in ItalyItalyAd4Ventures is a venture capital platform.
22IMI Fondi Chiusi SGR logoIMI Fondi Chiusi SGRimiinvestimenti.itinvestors in ItalyItalySanpaolo IMI Fondi Chiusi provides entrepreneur expertise on issues of strategic consulting and financial support.
23Ligurcapital SpA logoLigurcapital SpAligurcapital.itinvestors in ItalyItalyLigurcapital is a public and private joint venture that offers equity financing to companies in Liguria, Italy.
24Lazio Innova logoLazio Innovalazioinnova.itinvestors in ItalyItalyLazio Innova is a venture capital firm with its headquarters in Rome in Italy.FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
25Micheli Associatiinvestors in ItalyItalyMA is a private fund that offers investments for emerging companies.
26MPS Venture logoMPS Venturempventure.itinvestors in ItalyItalyMPS Venture is to invest in venture capital to small and medium sized companies in industry, trade and services to accompany them with
27INGENIUM Umbria Fund logoINGENIUM Umbria Fundmeta-group.cominvestors in ItalyItalyINGENIUM Umbria Fund is a public-private early-stage fund that invests in innovative ideas in the Region of Umbria.FacebookLinkedInTwitter
28Wolsey Ventures logoWolsey Ventureswolsey.venturesinvestors in ItalyItalyWolsey invests in frontier tech startups and actively participates in building legendary companiesLinkedIn
29Star Capital SGR logoStar Capital SGRstarcapital.itinvestors in ItalyItalyStar Capital SGR is an asset management company specializing in ' investment activities.LinkedIn
30Banca Sella Group logoBanca Sella Groupgruppobancasella.itinvestors in ItalyItalyBanca Sella Group a private group composed of companies operating in different sectors at national & international level.LinkedIn

Venture Capital in Italy

Italy is an attractive destination for venture capital investments. With its strong economy, vibrant culture and excellent infrastructure, it is a great place to invest.

The Italian venture capital industry is growing rapidly and there are many firms offering a range of investment opportunities. From early-stage startups to more established companies, venture capital firms in Italy can provide the capital and expertise necessary to help businesses succeed.

Below is a list of some of the top venture capital firms in Italy. Each firm offers its own unique set of services and investment options.

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How to Choose the Right Venture Capital Firm

Choosing the right venture capital firm in Italy can be a daunting task. It is important to do your research and understand the different types of investments available.

It is also important to consider the experience and track record of the venture capital firm in question. Look for firms that have a good reputation and have been successful in the past.

Finally, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the venture capital firm’s investments. Make sure that the terms are clear and that you understand the risks and rewards associated with the investment.