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1Unknown Group logoUnknown Groupunknowngroup.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
2SET Ventures logoSET Venturessetventures.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
3VentureCapital.nl / PrivateEquity.nl logoVentureCapital.nl / PrivateEquity.nlventurecapital.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsFacebook
4Finch Capital Partners B.V. logoFinch Capital Partners B.V.finchcapital.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
5henQ logohenQhenq.vcinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsTwitter
6Disruptive Technology Ventures logoDisruptive Technology Venturesdtventures.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
7Connex Group B.V. logoConnex Group B.V.connexgroup.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
8Centaur Ventures & Capital B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
9ASIF Ventures logoASIF Venturesasif.venturesinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsFacebookInstagram
10de Katapult & Co logode Katapult & Cokatapultenco.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsFacebookTwitter
11Brooklyn Adventures B.V. logoBrooklyn Adventures B.V.brooklyn-ventures.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
12Dutch Student Investment Fund logoDutch Student Investment Funddsif.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
13BGV (BioGeneration Ventures) logoBGV (BioGeneration Ventures)biogenerationventures.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
14Offground Ventures B.V. logoOffground Ventures B.V.offgroundventures.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
15Ventures United B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
16Icos Capital Management BV logoIcos Capital Management BVicoscapital.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
17Head Start Ventures logoHead Start Venturesheadstartventures.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
18Young Venture Capital Investments B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
19MML Capital Partners B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
20Ponooc logoPonoocponooc.vcinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsLinkedIn
21we are ZEROinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
22NextStage Early Stage Fund logoNextStage Early Stage Fundnsesf.nlinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
23Slingshot Ventures logoSlingshot Venturesslingshot.venturesinvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsLinkedIn
24Stecc Corporate Finance | Capital logoStecc Corporate Finance | Capitalstecc.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
25Innovation Industries logoInnovation Industriesinnovationindustries.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsFacebookLinkedIn
26Livecrowd Ventures B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
27Blockchain Investments B.V.investors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
28VentureRock logoVentureRockventurerock.cominvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
29FORWARD.one Venture Capital logoFORWARD.one Venture Capitalforward.oneinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands
30We Are Builders logoWe Are Buildersbuilders.studioinvestors in The NetherlandsThe Netherlands

Venture Capital in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great place to start a business, and venture capital firms are an important part of the startup ecosystem. Venture capital firms provide the necessary capital to help startups grow and succeed.

There are many venture capital firms in The Netherlands that provide funding for startups and entrepreneurs. These firms offer a variety of services, from seed funding to late-stage investments, to help startups succeed.

The table below lists the top venture capital firms in The Netherlands. It includes information on each firm’s areas of expertise, the amount of funding they provide, and the types of investments they make.

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Why Invest in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a great place to invest because of its strong economy, robust infrastructure, and supportive government policies. The Netherlands has a thriving startup ecosystem and a strong venture capital community.

The Netherlands also has a highly educated workforce and a competitive tax system. This makes it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Moreover, the country has a strong network of incubators and accelerators, as well as a vibrant startup scene.

The Netherlands is an ideal place to invest in startups and entrepreneurs. With the right venture capital firm, investors can help startups succeed and reap the rewards of their investments.