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The Founders Forum Rising Stars Of 2022

The Founders Forum highlighted the top five startups that will be joining Rising Star cohort in 2022.
July 29, 2022

Founded in London, Founders Forum is an event-powered global community of leading tech founders and corporate CEOs.  Unique annual event searches out early stage startups from all around who are making revolutionary advances in science & technology. These innovators have been selected based on their ability do something big or important (like solving climate change). The organization’s mission statement: “To help ambitious people go from idea conception all way through building a successful company.” 

This year’s entrepreneurs are transforming healthcare and robotics as well exploring the world of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. They’re using their expertise to make changes for those around them with “world changing potential,” according a panel who judged these founders’ ambitions worthy enough not only be named on one list but five different rankings entirely.

The list of previous Rising Stars winners is impressive. Some well-known companies that have won this award include Babylon, Bumble (and its parent company Amazon), Fanbytes and Desktop Metal among others.

Alexei Zamyatin. Cofounder, Interlay

cofounders, funding forum 2022


Zamyatin is a software engineer and researcher who has been contributing to Bitcoin research since 2015. He earned his computer science PhD from Imperial College London, focusing on cryptocurrencies like blockchain technology in general but specifically focused with particular interest into how it can be used for financial freedom.

Zamyatin recently founded Interlay. It aims to provide “radically open” platform where users can invest or earn bitcoins across different Networks while being insured against loss thanks seamlessly bridges between them all through what they call trust insurance layers via smart contracts.


Dr Ariane Gomes. Cofounder and chief scientific officer, Baseimmune

Gomes founder


Gomes is a true champion of science, both in her work as CEO and CSO for Baseimmune. She has years’ experience working with immunology to design vaccines that will help people live healthier lives – all while managing the day-to gains from fundraising efforts such £4 million worth.

Baseimmune is a biotech startup on the cutting edge of discovering new vaccines for today’s high threat pathogens. They are using data-driven science and their motto “with plasticity; against current unknown strains & variants” to create super effective immunotherapies that can adapt quickly when needed most.


Isaac Bentata. Cofounder, Fair.xyz

Isaac Bentata


Bentata is a chemical engineer and machine learning expert who has worked in finance, developing automated market making algorithms for illiquid markets. He now applies his knowledge of blockchain technology to Fair – an online platform that lets creators launch NFTs “without code” with just their artwork & crypto wallet taking 6% off primary sale revenue.


Dr Nicholas Hawker. Founder, First Light Fusion

Dr Nicholas Hawker


Hawker is an engineer and entrepreneur who has always been captivated by the power of fusion as well as his own company’s mission to make it safe for human use. His research into fusion began in 2007 as part of his master’s thesis.

First Light Fusion Ltd was founded in 2011 when Hawker met Ventikos at University College London (UCL).They began working together on how they might generate clean energy more efficiently than traditional methods using nuclear fission or solar cells. This is what led them into developing their newest device – a compact machine capable of producing hot enough temperatures so that matter can come together without being cooked apart first.


Dr Paolo Pirjanian. Founder, Embodied

Dr Paolo Pirjanian founder


Paolo Pirjanian is a robotics and AI expert with more than sixteen years of industry experience. He served as CTO for iRobot, one of the largest makers in home robots; before that he led teams at NASA’s Mars rovers program and others like Evolution Robotics. His love affair with artificial intelligence began when he watched Luxo Jr., an animated short from Pixar film inside out documentries about animation techniques called “Pixar Stories.”

The mission of Embodied, Inc. is to make robots smarter and more useful – to become a part of everyday life for people around the world. The company strives towards this goal through their innovative work in human-robot interaction. One example being Moxie (a robot) with the ability understand emotion as well as express them through speech or facial expressions alongside natural body movements such that it can be interacted delicately without any fear involved.


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