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how mergers and acquisitions work

How Mergers and Acquisitions Work in Business

There are a few different ways that companies can grow their business and even take over competitors: with mergers, acquisitions or carve-outs from assets purchased in these types of transactions. Here are some points how do mergers and acquisitions work in business.

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startup statistics 2022

Startup Statistics: Facts and Trends 2022

You may have the big idea for the startup, but first you need to know what’s trending. A lot can happen in a few years – both trends and people change drastically with time so it pays off by researching which ideas will succeed now.

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crypto vc rounds in 2022

Top Crypto VC rounds in 2022

Cryptocurrency funding reached new heights in 2021. Thanks its growing popularity among investors, we’re witnessing an unprecedented interest on blockchain technology every day. Discover the top crypto VS rounds in common year.

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