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venture capital for medical device

Venture Capital for medical device company

When you’re a founder of medical device company, securing venture capital to fund your projects is one obstacle that will constantly face. Here are some tips which help you.
July 7, 2022

Medical device venture capital is a necessary funding source for bringing new products and services to market. With the right expertise, this money can be used in many ways including developing or acquiring innovative technology that will improve your company’s bottom line. Here are five tips on how you might attract medical-grade finance from investors who understand what it takes.


Tip #1: Set up scalable systems

Investors are seeking exponential growth potential, which means you should make sure your eQMS and other systems can be scalable.

A platform like Qualio was designed specifically for scaleups and startups. It supports a team of up to 500 employees, so you don’t have change your systems during crucial stages such as the startup or growth stage. This cloud-based platform includes all tools needed by product developers who want access from anywhere in minutes instead hours no matter what country they’re located in. It’s compliant per FDA cGMP guidelines (current good manufacturing practices) and Medical Device Manufacturers Association standards.


Tip #2: Look for common values

When you’re ready to find a lender, be selective. Choose one with in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry. As you are putting together your business plan, it is important to find an investor that will work well with the culture of your organization. You need their guidance and advice so you can avoid common problems before they arise while making sure smooth out any bumps in the road for success.


Tip #3: Prepare the perfect pitch

Making a good first impression is essential for securing VC funding. If you expect investors to take your business plan seriously, then it needs more than just an adequate idea of who the target audience might be and what value they’ll ultimately receive. It also needs clear proof that this project indeed offers something worthwhile enough so as to deserve their investment dollars. Keep them focused on where all potential problems could arise before too much time has passed since listening onset. Show confidence by standing behind every word spoken during delivery.


Tip #4: Build a qualified team

Great leaders know that hiring the right people is essential to running a successful business. VCs want this too. Hire advisors who will help your team grow and develop with experience in raising capital from investors; accountants familiarized at all of its ins’ outs when it comes time for finances; or lawyers willing listen closely so you can avoid making costly mistakes down line.


Tip #5: Work with connections

The right consultant can make all the difference when it comes to your startup’s success. They might be able help you implement new software, achieve certification or even raise venture capital. A good VC won’t take unsolicited pitches from startups they have never heard before. So if this sounds like something that could interest then reach out immediately because there are limited spots available in most cases.

You need to make sure that when you’re looking for venture capital, the process is as streamlined and efficient like possible.

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