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When is a pitch deck perfect?

When you want to impress investors and get a funding, all you need is a good pitch deck. But how do you make it perfect? This article will answer on this question.
June 8, 2022

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced while designing your pitch deck? A common problem for entrepreneurs is coming up with a captivating way to introduce themselves and their company. It can be difficult, time consuming work. Commanding, concise and interesting. Whatever your goal may be – these ideas will help you get there faster than ever before.

Pitch decks are the crucial tool in any investor’s arsenal. It usually consists of 15-20 slides and its goal is to present your startup’s products, business plan or technology as well as whole team in an interesting way that will grab their attention for more than 5 minutes at most.


To create a winning investor pitch deck, you need to remember that it’s not just about making your case for funding; rather than going into detail on all aspects of what makes up this document (and thus being too wordy), keep things simple. A good way is by using no more than 15 slides and avoiding jargon or terms which might be unfamiliar even if they relate back directly toward something else in the presentation – it’ll eve easier comprehension overall.

It is essential to keep your pitch deck up-to-date. Make sure that the information you present and all graphics, charts or images are current with what’s happening in real life for both yourself as well as those who will be reading it.

The pitch deck should have a professional look. If it doesn’t, hire someone who can design the perfect one for you.


If you want to be successful in convincing investors of your idea, make sure it’s memorable and interesting. Include some graphics or charts that will support what is written down with an excellent market opportunity for all entrepreneurs who are looking into starting their own business.

Your presentation will be more effective if you include a demo of your product and show how it can solve their problems. You should also provide with clear business plans so they understand the value proposition for investing in this company or project before offering up any funds.

The same font type, color, and heading stiles throughout the slides will be helpful.

NOTE. Include the following on cover page: “Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright © by (Name of Company). All rights reserved.”

Save and send your investor pitch deck in a PDF format. With this, you can be sure that it will always stay confidential.


There are a lot of great pitch decks out there, but if you want one that really stands apart from the rest and catches investors’ attention this paragraph is perfect for you. Make sure that all these slides bellow – you took into account and included in your presentation.


“Company Overview” should be the first slide after the cover page. This slide should summarize the information from your Introduction paragraph. Succinctly state that you are an entrepreneur with experience in managing teams; provide some background on how this product or service solves problems for customers who use it  ̶  do not exceed six bullet points!


Make sure that your presentation includes a personal touch and present the mission in first person. A great example of this is when you mention how “We are an Uber-like solution for house cleaners” or something similar, which really connects with people’s needs. If possible try not use too many technical terms since most listeners won’t know what they mean anyway.


Human resources are the backbone of any successful business. You can’t function properly without them, so it’s important to show your investors how they’ll be valuable on their team by including pictures and bios for all members.


In order to get your idea off the ground and into people’s lives, you have to come up with a solution that will solve their problems. In this section of your presentation is important to answer some key questions like: “How big is this problem?” or “Why my interests were worth exploring further?”. Be sure you also remember what your audience might need.


In this section, you need to show the investors that not only do they want your product but also how it’ll make their lives easier. You can mention some details about what’s in store for them once everything goes up and running – the solution itself as well as a brief description of each service/product offered by you.


Your product is the most important thing in your pitch. You have to let people know what it does, why they need it and how much faster/easier their lives will be if you’re successful funding this project. Make sure that all of these questions are answered: “Why am I creating something new?” “What problems do users face with current products or services?” “How can my unique offering solve those issues better than anyone else?”


You should present the market size you are in and its financial possibilities. It’s very important to show your investors the up-to-date and real data about your market current state. Don’t forget to use visuals (charts and diagrams) when you present a big data.


Showing your investors the names and logos of any existing customers is a great way to show them how serious you are about their investment. This will help generate trust in both yourself as well as those who invested with you.


In this section, you need to list all of your startup’s assets. Describe any intellectual property rights or technology backbone that’s not yet in use and make sure it is included here so they know what resources they’re up against.


It’s important to show your investors – who are your competitors. You can use your competitors as a benchmark to measure the success of your business. You should know them well and study their strengths, weaknesses, and also opportunities for growth in order to come up with an effective strategy that will help you beat out other businesses like yours.


Create and show for the investors your business model. It should include all the necessary information for investors. It’s important that you know how to write one. Either use a Business Model Canvas or get help from someone who knows what they are doing by looking at your financial state and marketing plans in order make an effective presentation.

Follow these recommendations and you will definitely create your perfect pitch deck.

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