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Startup funding: funds, events and conferences

Where to find startup funds + other funding events

Funding is hard to come by for startups. So, it’s important that you find ways of getting funding and events are some great places where entrepreneurs can meet with investors face-to-face!

Here is our list of funding events and conferences that’ll help you get your startup off the ground:

USA funds

The most important funds for startups in USA are the ones that you can’t afford to miss out on. Let’s take a look at some of them!

E14 MIT Startup Funding

The E14 Fund was born at the intersection of technology and design, providing capital for entrepreneurs building on top MIT’s work in media arts & sciences.

The anti-disciplinary spirit within this organization embodies what it means to be โ€œinventiveโ€ – embracing multiple fields while staying true to oneโ€™s roots as a start up company founder or investor who understands that creativity can come from anywhere!

E14 mit startup funding

Startup Alpha Fund

The Startup Alpha team is hyperfocused on the value creation processes and mechanics that drive organic growth.

They achieve this by partnering with founders operationally, financially and strategically to accelerate objective execution in big vision companies seeking disruption of large markets.

alpha startup fund

New Orleans Startup Fund

The Greater New Orleans area is home to some of the most innovative and creative minds in America, which makes it an ideal place for startups.

The New Orleans Startup Fund was created by business leaders who want more early-stage companies like yours one day become viable businesses with potentialities far beyond what they were when founded – thanks largely due its support!

Marcy Venture Partners (Jay-Z fund)

Marcy Venture Partners is a group of experienced entrepreneurs with an innovative spirit.

The company was founded by Shawn Carter (JAY-Z), Jay Brown & Larry Marcus who all share a love of building brands with mass appeal but also high level commitments towards their consumers.

jay z startup fund

Startup funding in Ohio

The Ohio Innovation Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in companies working on the future of industries. They have made investments across multiple sectors, including SaaS and MedTech.

San Francisco funds

san francisco startup funding

The San Francisco Founder Institute is a startup funding program that has helped launch over 1,000 companies in the last five years. They offer mentorship opportunities to help entrepreneurs get their ideas off of ground and into production with practical lessons.

Funding in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX is a hotspot for startup funding.

UT Dallas is seeking to grow research and innovation by tapping into the state’s National Research University Fund. The Office of Research & Innovation provides several seed grant initiatives that support different opportunities.

eCommerce Startup Funding

Wayflyer is on a mission to help eCommerce companies take off. They provide funding and insights for the business, breaking down barriers so that these start-ups can grow faster than ever before!

SAAS startup funding

saas startup funding

Speedinvest is a seed fund that invests in the development of modern software companies & SAAS startups. The company not only helps with building, running and deploying your product but also monitors its success for you along with providing support if needed.

Brewery startup funding

Brewery finance, brewery startup funding

As the world becomes more industrial, there are many people who have turned their attention to smaller breweries.

Brewery Finance is the first company in America to offer financing for craft beer equipment.

Cannabusiness startup funding

cannabusiness startup funding

Canna Business Financing is the solution for securing funding in this new industry. They make it simple to get loans, mortgages and other financial resources that are necessary when running your cannabis startup.

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